San Diego Comic Con was abuzz with the news that Papercutz will be reviving Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, a classic ‘90s property, with brand new stories.


There was an exclusive story and full cover reveal during the first day of the comic con on MTV Geek.


“This is what the kids of today want. No more of this ‘lone ranger’ nonsense.”—Comics Beat  


“Papercutz has turned its attention to the original and perhaps most recognizable property in Americanized tokusatsu.”—Comics Alliance


“90s kids spent hours watching their favorite colorful teens fight the evil Rita Repulsa and her horde of Putties. Now they can read about this in a new series of graphic novels.”—Nerd Reactor


“For fans who crave new adventures starring the classic team, comic publisher Papercutz has you covered.”—IGN


“[The] original ‘90s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers . . . are still as exciting, nerve wrecking and awesome to me now, as they were when I was 8-years-old.”—Geek Insider


“Whether you’re a fan of the US series or the original Japanese, there’s plenty to enjoy here as well. I’d recommend POWER RANGERS SUPER SAMURAI for any school library or graphic novel collection.” — SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL “Good Comics For Kids”


News of next year’s revival of the original series was picked as a “Best of Comic-Con 2013” by both IGN and Leti Games.


“I highly recommend checking out Papercutz graphic novels. Saban Brands needs to hire Stefan Petrucha to write a few Power Rangers episodes.” — RANGER CREW


“While there’s plenty of martial arts battles and fighting stances, the kids have to ultimately use their brains to defeat the monsters.” — THE LADIES OF COMICAZI


“Papercutz is doing its own thing here, giving us something a wee more cerebral than a live action toy catalog. . . something that reads almost like a superteam comic from the 1970s, taking a silly premise and making it adventuresome without overdoing it. . . . The science-fantasy is hyperactive fun.” — THE LOTTERY PARTY


A December 2012 Children’s Book Council “Hot Off the Press” Selection!


“I’m going to see if I can become part of the Power Rangers, maybe as Plaid Ranger: Defender of the Written Word.” — UNCONVENTIONAL LIBRARIAN


“Touches of kid-pleasing humor and themes of trust, working together, and taking one’s responsibilities to heart are nestled within the action. . . . A good choice for emergent or newly confident readers, while older fans will appreciate the book’s sophisticated look.” — SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL


“This is a quality effort . . . leaps and bounds above the comics I’ve read in the past. . . . If you’re a fan of the show then there’s a lot here for you to love!” — RYATTA REVIEWS


“Power Rangers fans, rejoice! Your favorite transforming heroes will be returning to the comic book world. Power Rangers made a big impact on me as a kid, and I hope kids continue to enjoy it for many years to come.” — CSICON


“Papercutz restores the Power Rangers to comic book duty!” — COMICS ALLIANCE


“Papercutz is bringing Power Rangers back to the comics in style!” — RANGER CREW MEDIA 


“A good way to reach some of those reluctant readers.” — SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL


“The hyper-kinetic, primary color-saturated exploits of the Power Rangers have found their way to the page.” — NEW YORK DAILY NEWS 


“The art is really impressive. Heck, the Rangers’ comic book counterparts looked fantastic!” — JEFUSION


“Petrucha gives us a great action packed story. . . . Henrique’s art is just perfect for this title.” — COMIC ATTACK