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Bertrand Escaich, one half of Beka . . .

Caroline Srilanka WEB Dance Class: Authors & Artists

. . . and Caroline Rogue, the other half!

Béka, Writer

Bertrand Escaich, along with Caroline Rogue, is one half of the writing team known as Béka. Bertrand was born in 1973 in Ariège, France. Because he could only find his favorite Tintin and Asterix comics in small local bookstores, he was soon compelled to begin writing and drawing his own. He later took his chances on sending a few stories to publishers that he drew himself, for lack of knowing any artists. Luckily, he was accepted by the publisher Vents d’Ouest as an artist. There, he made the acquaintance of Bloz, the future artist of Fonctionnaires, and of Poupard, the future artist of Rugbymen. In 2002, thanks to Bamboo Editions, he could finally devote himself to his true passion: writing humorous stories. In collaboration with Caroline, he co-writes the gag series Fourmidables, Footmaniacs, and Fonctionnaires. They went on to create the Rugbymen and Dance Class series.

Caroline Rogue, along with Bertrand Escaich, is one half of the writing team known as Béka. Caroline was born in 1975 in Perpignan, France. She soon had her nose buried in books, first to color them, then to read them. Having studied chemistry to reassure her mom that she would find a good job one day, she decided instead to abandon her thesis and devote herself to writing comic book scripts and novels. One of her stories received the prize for art house cinema in Toulouse, which encouraged her to continue in that direction. Around the time she abandoned her thesis, she met Bertrand and co-created theRugbymen and Dance Class series with him.

Crip et Corto 300x400 Dance Class: Authors & ArtistsCrip, Illustrator

Crip was born in Saumur, France in 1971. He grew up in Touraine where he spent his youth drawing. He has created illustrations for many publications, as well as posters and cards for various festivals. He has a parallel career as a comic book artist under several pseudonyms, including Jésus, Prosper Hithonic, and Scriff Potiron. He has published work in anthologies, a small solo volume, and with the publishers La Sirène and Soleil for various volumes of the series Tout sur. He also hosts a studio at the Courteline cultural center to teach interested teenage fans how to make comics.





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