It’s Free Comic Book Day Tomorrow!

May 3rd, 2013 // by Beth //

Just in case you’d forgotten! Free Comic Book Day is my favorite holiday of the year (and it’s totally a real holiday!). We’re pretty excited about it over here at Papercutz headquarters, because we’ve got not one, but TWO free comics to share with you: THE SMURFS and DISNEY FAIRIES!

FCBD 2013 Its Free Comic Book Day Tomorrow!

So to get our excitement off our chest and get back to work, our Associate Editor, Michael, and I sat down for a chat (okay he chatted I fangirled) about FCBD.

Michael: So. Free Comic Book Day. What are your plans for tomorrow? Any traditions?

Beth: I’m not sure I even knew what Free Comic Book Day was until about three years ago. I remember my first FCBD I felt like I was doing something wrong when I went in and got my books!

Michael: It does feel kind of weird to walk out of a store with comic books having not bought them. I personally will be people watching at Forbidden Planet Union Square in the early afternoon.

Beth: Well I live way out in Brooklyn, so I hit a bunch of comics stores on my way across town. Last year I went to the Galaxy in Bay Ridge (my local) and then wandered through the borough and ended at my favorite shop, Bergen Street Comics. It helps that I have a car.

Michael: I’m set on picking up the Bongo Free-For-All (I love Sergio Aragones) IDW’s Ninja Turtles. You?

Beth: Well obviously I’m going to get a copy of DISNEY FAIRIES since that was so popular we didn’t even get any advances for ourselves! I’m also looking forward to the Molly Danger/Princeless book. I supported the Molly Danger Kickstarter and I already love Princeless. Of course what I really mean by that is I’m going to hang out in stores and try and get kids to pick it up. Because, honestly, the kids are my favorite part of FCBD.

Michael: Me too. It’s like Halloween in May, but the candy is comic books. Lots of kids dress up, which I love.

Beth: Oh! And the Top Shelf Kids Club book! Because Korgi and Owly are my jam. Yep I just said that.

Michael: I can’t wait to see our SMURFS comic and our DISNEY FAIRIES. I think a lot of people are going to be pleasantly surprised by ARiOL.

FCBD ARiOL 288x400 Its Free Comic Book Day Tomorrow!Beth: Oh I forgot we have ARiOL in THE SMURFS!

Michael: Oh, yeah! And a great full story, too.

Beth: I can’t wait until volume 2 comes out.

Michael: I know I’m partial to the series because I letter it, but man I think the comics are great.

Beth: I know. I know we work here but I’m seriously in love with that book. I read the PDFs on my computer whenever I want to smile. I’ve read both volumes about four times now.

Michael: Yeah, it’s definitely an office favorite. Jim’s been asking me “When’s the next translation going to be ready?!” I have to make sure he edits other things BEFORE editing volume 3.

Beth: What else do we have? SMURFS, ARiOL, DISNEY FAIRIES….Oh! STARDOLL!

Michael: ANNOYING ORANGE! Our books are jam-packed with comics. The ANNOYING ORANGE story is “Bowling for Hollers” from volume 1. The complete story.

Beth: Oh! I like that one. Actually I’m partial to most things that take place in a bowling alley. But that’s a story for another time… What’s STARDOLL about again? Beside fashion.

Michael: Well, this preview is more of an introduction into the world JayJay is creating.

FCBD STARDOLL 300x151 Its Free Comic Book Day Tomorrow!Beth: And JayJay has some fashion experience too! I mean, on top of having worked for just about everyone in comics, she worked in the fashion industry too.

Michael: She’s perfect for it, yeah.

Beth: I was reading her bio while I built the STARDOLL webpage yesterday.

Michael: I don’t really know anyone who has the background in both fashion and comics that JayJay has. And she’s also a really cool person, which is always nice.

Beth: So are you going to dress up for FCBD then? STARDOLL style? Or will you be going as a Smurf?

Michael: Well, last year my Donald Duck costume did NOT go over well. So, probably just going to dress up as me.

Beth: Yeah it’s probably best to leave the costumes to the pros. I know a few master-cosplayers that dress up and work at their local shops on FCBD. It’s pretty cool to see. Walking into your local store and there’s Batgirl!

Michael: Or a pint-sized Superman.

Beth: Oh yeah! My little cousin has a pretty sweet Superman outfit he wears whenever possible. Well at least when he was younger. He may be too big for it now. If I lived closer to him I would bring him to FCBD for sure. I’m already the relative that gives graphic novels for all holidays. I’m a bit predictable. But awesome?

Michael: Definitely awesome.

Beth: You sent a bunch of NINJAGO books to your little cousins recently right? Signed them like a rockstar?

Michael: Oh yeah. And some DISNEY FAIRIES and GERONIMO STILTON, too!

Beth: That’s really cute that they’re so excited you work on them. Though I think by now it’s pretty obvious my general thesis is always kids + comics = the best.

Michael: I totally agree. And that, is what makes FCBD so awesome

Beth: For sure. So then in thesis summary: FCBD. See you there? Though I’m still disappointed you won’t be dressed as a Smurf.

Michael: I’ll be there. For sure.

Be sure to pick up both Papercutz books, THE SMURFS and DISNEY FAIRIES at your local comic book shop for Free Comic Book Day tomorrow. And tell us what other FCBD titles you’ll be picking up by chatting me up on Facebook or Twitter. I could genuinely talk about this all day, so let’s talk!

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